Clients Want One Partner to Simplify the Fragmentation and Data — and Today’s Shops May Not Be Among Them

How Mr. Potato Head Changed the Advertising Business
A story of goofy vegetables and the power of television.

How big agencies work, and how small agencies can beat them
If you’ve ever worked at a big agency, you’ll know that it can feel like running on a crazy treadmill — a never-ending series of pitches, award entries and late nights. But did you ever stop to wonder why?

How copywriters write copy
Copywriting, much like making an omelette, shoplifting or choosing an analogy, is one of those things that seems easier than it actually is.

Will it blend? Will it end?
Advertising’s creativity industry continues to struggle with itself.

Why ‘David Ogilvy’ must die
If there were a Mount Rushmore of the advertising industry, Ogilvy’s face would be immortalized upon it. I remain in awe of his talent and a big fan. I love David Ogilvy. That said, “David Ogilvy” must die.

And the follow-up…

His methods still matter – a response to ‘David Ogilvy must die’
… the suggestion that Ogilvy’s approach to marketing needs to shuffle off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and join the choir invisible is demonstrably false.

Something doesn’t ad up about America’s advertising market
Stockmarket investors are wrong to expect an enormous surge in advertising revenues


The New Walking Men Logo
The Fascinating Tale of a Rebranding tout en finesse

Working with a designer (four paths)
Most of us want to look good online, need a website, maybe even a logo. More and more individuals and organizations are discovering that they need to hire a professional.

Chain Letters: Sarah Doody

Design is never done

The Business Value of Design Pt. 3: Drive Engagement & Loyalty
Pt. 3 in our series exploring The Business Value of Design focuses on driving engagement and loyalty to maximize brand value.


Belief Versus Doubt — Welcome To The Creative Mind
You have the angelic you on one shoulder, and the devilish you on the other. The battle of right vs wrong, good vs evil, and confidence vs crisis.


How To Create Your Own Rules at Work
Unfortunately, the culture in most workplaces does not encourage brilliance from its employees. Instead, it accepts the just enough to get by approach; this being the required amount to get your monthly pay cheque.

To Find Meaning in Your Work, Change How You Think About It
Why is it that some people can be extraordinarily well-paid and work in pampered settings but feel empty, while others can work in the sewers of New York City and feel fulfilled? Part of the answer is purpose.

The most powerful question of your life
We often try to find fulfilling relationships with others, without first having one with ourselves.