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2017.04.29 links

A brief visual history of Studio Ghibli What a Copyeditor Earns, 2017 Giovanni Pintori Research I stumbled on to this site. Glad I did; reminds

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John Berger

As noted in an earlier post, one of the most influential books I’ve read is John Berger’s Ways of Seeing. It should be mandatory for

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2017.01.02 Links

A small sampling of articles read over the holiday break: Three Mindset Shifts to Achieve Financial Freedom Within 10 Years 7 Podcasts to Help You

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The Tower

I had to lay my Moleskine Tower on the floor so that it would not tump over. 55 books, with another one in the works

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2016 favorites

I’m usually not one to make lists of things I like and such, but there were a few outstanding TV shows, books and music that

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