An Epic Introduction

Launching one of the oilfield’s most revolutionary technologies with a brand experience like no other is just another day at Schlumberger

Schlumberger, the world’s largest oilfield service company, had a 90-year history of developing breath-taking technology that changed the way the world explored for hydrocarbons. It is not everyday that something is considered game-changing, but in 2014 the company was set to launch its most revolutionary technology in years, a subsurface measure-while-drilling tool that could see a radius of 100 feet around the wellbore, all in real-time. The technology was called GeoSphere. The scope of the technology was so grand, a new term was coined to describe it: “Mapping-While-Drilling”. 

Such an epic change requires and equally impressive introduction. It was decided that the worldwide launch would take place at the SPWLA show in Abu Dhabi. Prior to the show, an invitation-only event would be held at The Emirates Palace the day before, with a multimedia extravaganza that would not only explain the technology, how it works and the results you could expect, but also demonstrate that GeoSphere was not science fiction; over 100 live tests had been conducted with dramatic results. ​​​​​​​

By the time SPWLA was over, the launch had garnered worldwide press from the industry pubs, there was a dramatic spike in web traffic and the Product Champion was lamenting the fact that his backlog of work would keep him busy for months to come. ​​​​​​​

Schlumberger Marketing Communications – Richard, Emmanuelle, Remi, Kelsey, Homer & Michael 
Pennebaker – Ward, Jeffrey & Katie
Locke-Bryan – Linda & Jorge