The offending image, as seen in my Twitter feed.

Sometimes I just don’t understand media.

Last week an ad broke in which images of New York Yankee ballplayers were “printed” in the foam of beers for an advert. Major League Baseball quickly put the kibosh on the ad citing it was in violation of their standards. So the ad got pulled. As Seth and Amy used to say… Really?

The banned image is all over the place. Social media, spotlighted on trade sites and will come up in a Google search without even trying.

In this day and age, why bother having standards? Do they even matter any longer?

If something is controversial in any way, it is bound to get picked up by a media outlet and blasted everywhere. And being online, it might just live from now until doomsday.

Similarly, the latest issue of Cosmo got banned from Walmart, yet that cover is plastered everywhere. Do rules designed to protect young people and those easily offended stop any of this from happening?

How effective are those standards now?