Guaranteed Clean

Bold positioning, tight messaging and an elegant visual approach gave a high-end scrap metals business instant impact.

What happens when three friends get together and start talking trash? Every once in a while a company is born. Allied Alloys dealt in high-end scrap metal, like aerospace and surgical grade scrap. Their position was that they knew within 99.99% what was contained in the scrap as they collected it. This is critically important as there can be no impurities in the metal used to build a jetliner that will be traveling 600+ miles per hour at an altitude of 25,000 feet. Any impurities could make a significant difference in the performance of the plane. They had a good business going and wanted to make it better.

They called unleaded for helping building a brand that would propel them from a local to national player. Ironically enough, their brand started out on a scrap of paper, me and Bob Lamons getting into a scrap over what’s a good idea and what’s not. Some hard work, some compromising and a commitment to excellence created that brand from scratch.

What came to life that afternoon was a simple message reflecting their positioning paired with clean visuals — unheard of in the scrap metals business — that did indeed push Allied Alloys to the next level.

Winner of the Best of Show at the BMA Lantern Awards

Unleaded Communications: Bob, David R, Josh, Gerald & Michael