Turn a Commodity into a High Performance Economic Engine

What do motorcycles and debit cards have in common? When it comes to branding, surprisingly, a lot. 

For a number of years, PULSE, the nation’s third largest debit card company, held an annual event for its Debit Solutions customers in the upper Midwest. After consulting with the product manager, the direction for the meeting was simple: the event would be held in Milwaukee at the Harley-Davidson Museum. And more than anything, he wanted to send a cool tchotchke as part of the invitation — something fun that would sit on the customer’s desk that would make them think about PULSE.

The campaign became a beautiful blend of the PULSE brand with Harley’s, leveraging the best attributes of both to create an event that would not just inform customers of the latest news and trends, but live on in their memories long after they went back home. ​​​​​​​