The Final “Noted” of the Year

Last year at this time, I was at my in-laws with little to do so I read like a madman, posting all my favorites. It was a lengthy list. This year, not so much – just a few things that came across my feed over the past week, some of which were originally published earlier in the year:

Never heard of Fold before, but To Be An Underdog, Interview with Dave Trott will bring me back to their site again for further investigation.

Late in the Fall, Ideo broke its silence on design thinking’s critics. It’s still bullshit.

In the spirit of the holidays, read Nakatomi Space, about the building where my favorite Christmas movie, Die Hard, took place. I referred to Die Hard as my favorite Christmas movie long before it was the popular thing to do.

Design Observer’s Chain Letters series is fantastic, especially this posting late in the year with Celene Aubry of the Hatch Print Show.

2018 was not a banner year of rebranding, and 5 Brand Logo Redesigns That Pissed People Off proves it.