2016.09.30 links


Who was Ladislao José Biro, how did he invent the ballpoint pen and how did it help in World War II?

Contrarian Leadership Advice From ‘The Father of Advertising” When the well runs dry, David Ogilvy always has something to replenish the reserves. It amazes me how advice given 60 years ago is still so relevant today.

5 Clever and Inspiring TED Talks That Will Make You a Better Writer One Day I will become a writer.

What’s Your Ideal Running Speed to Conserve Energy? My son and I run almost every morning. I’m up that early, but pretty impressive for a 12 year old. I’ll have to sit down and do the math on this one over the weekend.

Leading for Creativity: October 5 – November 2 I wish I could attend. Right up my alley.

And to help satiate the design in me:

Design de vivre: Paris as told by graphic designers

Design Freak, Meet Tech Geek

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