Designing modern brands the old-fashioned way.

With sweat and hard work. With good service making sure projects are on-target, on-time and on-budget. Bespoke solutions because no two clients are alike and neither are their problems. And of course with a healthy dose of creativity.

Michael Ratcliff

Consulting Designer

A strategic design leader creating high-performance brands for the finest companies across the globe. Creativity first, media-neutral: Print, digital, experiential, whatever works best. Hardcore B2B, especially with oil and gas, technology, and finance, with a little recruitment work thrown in just for fun. Possesses a beneficial perspective of both in-house and agency-side experience. A dedicated student of design who loves to share knowledge to inspire colleagues and clients.

Michael’s design and advertising work has been recognized by numerous industry organizations, including The American Advertising Federation, The American Marketing Association, The Business Marketing Association, The International Association of Business Communicators and Print magazine.

Although born in Louisiana, Michael got to Texas as fast as he could, and resides west of Houston with his wife and three children. He holds the steadfast belief that good design can indeed change the world, and that the French press is the optimal way to brew a superior cup of coffee.

Ratcliff Creative proudly serves some of the finest companies across the globe from world headquarters in southeast Texas.

Ratcliff Creative is an independent design consultancy specializing in big ideas to connect people with brands.

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