2016.10.09 links

I followed the advice of this article this morning — 5 Refreshing Things You Should Do Every Sunday Morning (No Matter What). The first thing I did was sat on the back patio and watched the sun come up. Good advice indeed.

My old friends at R+M have some more good advice to share: The Dreaded Meeting

10 Books Every Creator Needs To Read I struggle with the idea of designers spending their time reading versus using that time actually making stuff. But I have rad more than half the list and can vouch for the list as a worthwhile way to spend your time.

Having a daughter who wants to be an architect and a son who wants to be an animator, I found both of these articles intriguing: Architecture Schools Are Failing. This Designer Is Calling For A Revolution and Lecture in Progress takes a look behind the scenes at animation and production company Goldenwolf.

interview with ronan bouroullec in paris from designboom further reminds me that I wish I had studied industrial design.

Finally, my favorite article from last week was 9 Tricks to Appear Smart in Brainstorming Meetings. Brilliant! I’m a sucker for Trick #2.