2024 Week 09

Stuff read/watched/studied/absorbed this week…

Surface Magazine

8 reasons why design strategy fails

How does technology make us lost in digital noise?
Reimagine design mindset to shape a mindful digital future

Founders, Freelancers & Rebels: New book dispels the fear of going solo
We explore coach Helen Jane Campbell’s excellent new book and what it can teach independent creatives.

Where does innovation really come from?
Rory Sutherland on how agencies can get beyond the brief to be more creative and deliver greater value to clients.

Vanquishing Imposter Syndrome

Aristotle — How to live a good life
2400 years ago Aristotle found out how to be happy.

Logo Histories’ Top 10 Logos
Logo Histories’ top logo designs of all time and the stories behind their design.

Trust the Process
The Smith & Diction Identity Process

Rise of the bespoke agency model (Long read)
Bespoke agencies, a stalwart for the industry for more than fifteen years, are on the rise and no longer only confined to the walls of holding companies. There’s a different, more recent trend emerging.

How to write freelance design cold emails that land work
Discover the best freelance design cold email templates and why they work. Learn how to tailor your design cold emails to land your dream clients.

The Daily Heller: Fred Troller and His Modern Legacy

Generalist Or Specialist?
Is it better for a Graphic Designer to be a specialist or a generalist?

The Origins Of Dune
Before you watch part 2 of Dune, learn about the inspirations and origins of Frank Herbert’s classic SciFi novel

Creativity lies in the paradoxes
The inner and outer struggles of a creative life