2024 Week 4

The Power of One: How a Single Message Can Reignite Your Creative Purpose
You provide more value than you realize.

The Importance of a Good Logo for Branding

How to Write Deeper by Thinking Bigger (The Art of Looking Back, In, and Forward)
The thinking writer’s trifecta of reflection, introspection, and prospection

Phil Baines: remembering the work and teachings of a master typographer
Professor Phil Baines (1958 – 2024) was an inspirational teacher and an accomplished designer with an endlessly inquisitive eye

The Legacy Of Corita Kent

The Design Mindset
What does it mean to be a designer?

Advertisers get what they pay for — and creativity is expensive
With in-housing on the rise and a continued focus on efficiency and targeting, the industry could do better to quantify the value of creativity.

What Is Style, Anyway?
It’s a unique world