He Gets Us, but do We Get Him.

Full disclosure: I didn’t watch a minute of last night’s game. Not the biggest football fan and generally I’m one of those people who watch the Super Bowl purely for the ads. For many reasons, I opted out of watching any of it this year. I understand the last few minutes were pretty exciting. Maybe next year.

Also, my understanding is most, if not all of the ads, were pretty forgettable as usual these days. Unless you’re in the ad business, they’ll run their course and then never be seen or heard again.

One ad has struck a chord with me, though, because I think it has been widely interrupted wrongly by not only the public and pundits but also the people who created it. It’s the He Gets Us ad.

I honestly don’t know how I feel about this campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of Jesus. When I first started seeing these ads pop up a couple of years ago they caught me off guard and made me ask “What is going on here?”. Then the payoff with a positive message hits you at the end. That’s great.

My consternation about the ads is does Jesus need an ad campaign? That, in and of itself is a sad commentary on our times that this is how to spread His message.

But back to last night’s ad.

Here is what the story of Jesus washing people’s feet is all about: It’s about doing the most menial task in service to others. It’s doing something that needs to be done but no one wants to do it. It’s about humbling yourself.

With all the excesses surrounding everything about the Super Bowl, a little humility could go a long way.