Transforming Digital Transformation

Founded by Chidi Amudo and Georg Zangl MudoZangl is a start-up helping mid-size E&P companies make their operations run more efficiently. More than just data wranglers they blend cutting-edge technology with years of experience in the oil service sector to help their clients realize the unseen value in the massive amounts of data they collect.

When Ratcliff Creative was engaged MudoZangl had just launched a new visual identity. A bold clean look with lots of good material to work with. But the branding required a bit of refinement as it was a little too “soft” and needed to speak more to a more technically minded audience.

Refine Positioning
Develop Messaging
Realize the Visual Branding
Sales Presentation
Website Design and Development

This is the real value in working with a design firm – designers seem to have a way of getting to the heart of the matter like no one else can. From this exercise strong positioning and a cohesive story came together. Combined with more refined graphics a strong new brand was born.