Rebranding the Big Cats

Although their core business is providing muds and other fluids for drill sites across the continental US, The Panther Companies has a wider array of products and services tangent to the main offerings. Couple this large selection with outstanding service, and they should have a great recipe for success. But…

Sales aren’t what they should be, and Panther keeps missing out on other opportunities as well as regularly getting beaten up on pricing.

To help be more competitive in the marketplace, Panther called in Highway 9 Consulting to look at new ways to attract and engage with new customers. What became quickly apparent was that Panther had an image and messaging problem. All the right ingredients are there, yet they had no cohesive brand. That’s where Ratcliff Creative comes in.

A brand audit was conducted and recommendations were made.

First, in full disclosure, the name Panther had been chosen as a name for the company rather haphazardly. It is a good name, one with lots of opportunities to build powerful messaging. All they needed to do was embrace their panther-ness. This master brand reflects the strongest qualities of their character and the spirit of the company. Aggressive, calculating, efficient.

An example of the characteristics of panthers being used as marketing messages.

Once the master brand was in place, the various products and services could be neatly nestled under this umbrella concept to build unity across the company. It did not matter if the company was promoting its fluids, trucking services or security rentals, a common language tied everything together.

Next, a system for the private labeling of their proprietary fluids was developed to help set up premium pricing.

The relaunch of the new Panther website became the ultimate brand expression of this new idea.

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