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Want to make great art? Stop making art The case for doing nothing.

The curious case of a creative genius I went to school with a guy who could well be the most intelligent person in the world. You might think that sounds like hyperbole. It’s not.

Beloved Artist Agnes Martin on Our Greatest Obstacle to Happiness and How to Transcend It 
“No-one knows what your life or life itself should be because it is in the process of being created. Life moves according to a growing consciousness of life and is completely unpredictable.”

How Matisse’s Cut-outs Took Over the Illustration World 
And your Instagram feed

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Compact takeaways from the groundbreaking bestseller

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The death of Don Draper Advertising, once a creative industry, is now a data-driven business reliant on algorithms. The implications are deeply sinister – not only for the consumer but for democracy itself.