Seen & Noted

The Menil as always been one of my favorite places in the city, and A museum grows in Houston by Alexandra Lange only makes me love it more.

Although I find some disagreement with the DNA of a Designer, there are some interesting thoughts.

A problem I am currently dealing with at Sysco is incorporating the use of a creative brief into our workflow. Real magic happens when a creative brief doesn’t (necessarily) result in an ad offers some solid insight:

Conceived in the 1960s, the creative brief aims to save time and establish complete alignment between client services, creative teams, media, and the client itself. Essentially, creative briefs detail the campaign objectives, target audience, critical messaging, reasons to believe, and deliverables. It’s easy to see how the standard creative brief, still widely used today, is built to inspire creative advertising, not creative business solutions.

Apparently, The Drum agrees with my thoughts on a more collaborative approach to briefs.

CNN posting Good design is good for business, new study finds makes me wonder whether or not the research is good or not. I subscribed to the McKinsey Design Index, we’ll see how this continues to develop.

Sister Corita knew this, but Inc. caught up to her in Drawing Is the Fastest, Most Effective Way to Learn, According to New Research.