How do you show activity on the surface, underground, and in the cloud… all at the same time?

LUFKIN Industries now offers an integrated service that includes both surface and subsurface hardware along with a software component in the cloud to tie all the pieces neatly together. There are a lot of pieces to this puzzle. Some marketing problems can only be solved one way: with an illustration.

Illustration allows viewers to make mental leaps from the surface to the subsurface as well as to some more abstract places. But, to be able to ask the viewer to make some mental leaps, as many elements as possible in the illustration are firmly grounded in reality.

Ratcliff Creative teamed up with Sanson Illustration to tackle this communications problem. We collaborated with an engineering team to ensure all the surface and subsurface elements are represented as accurately as possible. The illustration went further. Tiny details, like the safety cone on the hood of the pick-up truck, are the sort of thing guys in the field would recognize. Those tiny technical touches helped viewers make a leap of faith with some of the more abstract elements shown in the process.

The illustration won an Award of Excellence at the 2022 HBMA Lantern Awards.

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