When a Few Doodles Become a World-Class Website

MRC Global is the leading global distributor of pipe, valves, fittings (PVF) for gas utilities, upstream production and midstream pipeline sectors.

Ratcliff Creative was brought in to help solve some sticky design problems while the new site was still in the design phase. Another agency had provided some good messaging and tight architecture, but they were unable to get the site where MRC wanted it to go.

What started out as providing some wireframes for individual sections on the homepage, quickly became a much larger ask to design the top level of pages. Then designing the pages underneath. Then designing more sections, including the recruitment and ESG sections.

When Ratcliff Creative was brought in, the project was already well behind schedule. Additional teams were engaged to quickly develop and deploy the site. Agency X led the development and video production, while MarketLogic did the programming and UAT.

Art Direction

As development wound down, Ratcliff Creative provided guidance to the Investor Relations group on their separate instance of the site so that there would be continuity between the to sites.

The result of everyones’ efforts is a modern, highly responsive site that is sure to perform well for MRC Global for years to come.

Ratcliff Creative is an independent design consultancy specializing in big ideas to connect people with brands.

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