BlueByrd’s e-book on mergers and acquisitions helps brands get what they need to succeed. 

Richard Byrd launched his consulting practice, BlueByrd, in early 2019. Since then, he knew that the best way to attract new clients is to give them something they need when going through the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process. Richard’s main process of helping businesses has included three steps: discover, strategize, execute. To help with this process, Richard wrote an e-book chock full of good advice and sound information companies should heed to protect their brand during times of transition.
Ratcliff Creative designed the e-book to be readable and approachable, with the main points easily grasped at a glance. The horizontal design of the book allowed it to be converted into shareable bits or part of a formal presentation. This multifunctional design gives the user more freedom to use it in whatever way that serves them best, whether as a reference or part of a presentation.
To get a copy of Messaging M&A, contact BlueByrd.