The Cornerstone of a Strong Brand

Although not the end-all-be-all of branding, the visual identity is one of the most important building blocks to creating a strong brand.

Unlike many design firms a logo is only the beginning for Ratcliff Creative. The logo is merely the culmination of all the strategy vision and hard work. A logo is the visual expression of a business and is often the first impression. Foundational to building a brand a logo is often relegated to an after thought or worse crowdsourced for cost and convenience two lousy reasons for cutting corners on your business.

One of the most important yet overlooked elements to making a long-lasting brand: Time. The funny thing is that when the right amount of time is spent on a logo part of the dividend it pays back is also time. Should last for years decades maybe forever.

It’s not to say that we sandbag or take our good sweet time. Ratcliff Creative is committed to seeing the project done right. Good design should live for years if not decades or even forever.

More samples of logos identities and other brands in action can be found at Behance.