Making Salsa. Making a Difference.
Suzanne Marquez has two passions. As a nurse she loves helping people, but she also loves a bold, flavorful salsa. She founded her salsa brand, 1893 Salsa in 2013, but in 2019 was able to tie the company to her other passion when she partnered with True Knights Entrepreneurs. TKE provides continuing education for young adults with mental disabilities.
Suzanne ran a pilot program in the summer of 2019 and it was a rousing success. She had almost 20 students participate in the program, where they not only learned the ins and outs of making salsa, but also many life skills along the way. Students left the 10-week program enriched and fulfilled, and (some) as certified food handlers, an important step to further employment opportunities.
With the success of the TKE collaboration, Suzanne wanted to expand her vision by reaching out to educational institutions who specialize in helping people with disabilities. Working with Ratcliff Creative, together we crafted the story of her salsa company, from its beginnings when Suzanne discovered an old family recipe, to launching her brand and building a company, then turning it into something much bigger.