What happens when the market catches up with a pioneering scientific software development company? They had to take a look at their brand and after 19 years — and start marketing.

Enthought is a leading software development using advanced computing technology to solve the toughest scientific problems. From its humble beginnings 19 years ago, the company has grown to 5 offices around the world, staffed by almost 200 PhDs. As the market has evolved over the past 2 decades, Enthought’s leadership saw the need to push their brand further in order to increase awareness as well as attract new customers.

As part of this initiative, Ratcliff Creative was engaged to help tighten up and modernize Enthought’s visual branding. With the website being the primary marketing tool, a heavy emphasis was placed on digital graphics. Carefully art directed imagery gave Enthought a feeling of sophisticated, cutting-edge technology.

Complicated processes were redesigned for clarity, delivering messages succinctly. This also became an opportunity to achieve greater consistency in the graphic treatments.