Why Go to the Library When It Comes to You.

Western Geco introduces GAIA, the Digital Subsurface Platform, delivering the information needed to make the next big discovery.

Over the years, Western Geco has been known for collecting high quality subsurface data. But it is easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all. And it is next to impossible to access, much less be able to manipulate the data, share it or collaborate with a partner. Until now.

At the 2019 SIS Global Forum, Western Geco formally launched GAIA, the Digital Subsurface Platform, a living library that breaks down these barriers, pulling together information from oil and gas exploration companies and NGO sources alike, all into a single web-based interface. This vast amount of data is no longer overwhelming, but powerful.

Ratcliff Creative teamed up with BlueByrd Strategic Sales & Marketing, 808 Inc., HFX Films and Ricardo Merendoni to produce of series of videos bringing GAIA to life. Each video was designed to speak to an individual based on how they would engage with the platform, whether they are an explorationist, a geophysicist or an NOC exec.