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(In all truthiness, as of this posting I’ve not read a word nor watched a moment of anything listed below. It all looks interesting & I plan to get to them as soon as my schedule gets a little less hairy.)

A Conversation With Chuck Palahniuk, the Author of ‘Fight Club’ and the Man Behind Tyler Durden

Design Takes Tech From Useful to Irresistible—and It Can Be Learned

The uncomfortable secret to creative success is “disequilibrium

The Slow Decay of a Designer

Designers, It’s Time To Move Slowly And Fix Things

Uncommon Advice To Any Young Man Wanting To Become Insanely Successful (Or Get Something From Someone Who Is Successful)

The State of Digital Design: 2017 Edition
Four agency leads come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities in their industry, when everyone and everything is now “digital.”

How Graphic Design Legend Paula Scher Created the Identity of Shake Shack
We stop by Pentagram’s New York office, just before its relocation, to discuss the importance of mistakes, intuition, and bucking the status quo.

How Visual Designers Can Stay Relevant In A Post-Screen World

The Seven Deadly Sins of Storytelling

Some thoughts on Leonardo.

Why Symbols Matter
Two graphic designers comb through thousands of years of iconography in a new handbook for understanding visual language.

A Day in the Life of an Interaction Designer

The Future 100: 2018

Inside Wieden + Kennedy’s Evolution Into the Go-to Agency for the New Economy

How His Graffiti Artist Past Helps Andrea Dell’Anna Balance Personal + Business

Best Of 2017 #2: The Future Is The Place To Be

Three art directors discuss the balancing act between personal style and client expectations

Jony Ive Dishes On Apple Rumors And His Design Team In Rare Interview
The most famous designer in the world didn’t hold back when he spoke at the Hirshhorn Museum last week.

INTERVIEW: Dave Trott.

How to protect your design job from robots, according to three top designers

of UX
in 2018

Storytelling Is Not Lecturing; Lecturing is Not Storytelling

Design Thinking is Kind of Like Syphilis
— It’s Contagious and Rots Your Brains

On the Couch: An interview with BBH founders Sir John Hegarty, John Bartle and Nigel Bogle 

How Meditation Can Make You More Creative

We all need space to create

How To Become Highly Influential With People
(and the #1 tool to do it)

The Most Important Rule in UX Design that Everyone Breaks
The Most Important Rule in Product Design, and Possibly Life Management